LuLu Hypermarket, Bahrain wins ISO certification


LuLu Hypermarket, Bahrain won the ISO 22000-2005 certification, becoming the first hypermarket in the Kingdom to win this accreditation. The certification is a testimony to our high standards of food quality and has raised the bar of our already admirable food safety standards.

“We are proud to announce that LuLu Hypermarket is the very first hypermarket in Bahrain to meet the strict regulations and standards of the ISO 22000-2005 team”, said Regional Director Mr. Juzer T. Rupawala. “The certification is part of a continuous process to ensure the highest standards for our food chain, right from storage to preparation, display and sale. The food segment is a very big part of our business and we have always been particular about ensuring the best for our customers. This certification recognizes these efforts, and will help us put in place a grid of tests and validations at regular intervals to make sure the certification standards are constant.”

The certification means that LuLu Hypermarket has been recognized by a global authority for its quality control in the food sector and also for implementing affiliated food industry management systems such as PRPs, OPRPs, HACCP, compliance with regulatory, statutory and customer requirements.