Global Network

LuLu Group International (LuLu Group) has stayed strong in quality and service in the dynamic marketplace through its large-scale import and wholesale distribution of fast moving consumer goods. Its renowned distribution network covers operations across GCC, Egypt, India, Europe, US, and Far East.

LuLu Group has trading offices in different parts of the world, operating with a uniform logistics format to ensure effective management of production and delivery. The organised process involves proper coordination from the first stage of manufacturing and supply management on the way to the retail establishments. LuLu Group guarantees responsible and quality sourcing of products through direct imports from its partner companies, along with the combination of well-trained staff, best ship chandlers, and modern delivery vehicles.

Quality Products and International Variety

LuLu Group distributes various agricultural products, such as nuts, coffee, pulses, fruits, and vegetables, and also non-food items like footwear, textiles, luggage, electronics, and household needs.

LuLu Group has been exerting its greatest efforts to achieve its paramount goal of providing and sustaining best quality products at the most affordable prices. With the establishment of these distribution entities, LuLu Group is eyeing to expand massively every year in both emerging markets and fastest growing regions through product innovation and organised logistics system.

Al Tayeb Cold Stores & Y-International

To achieve a long-term and sustainable supply of wide food variety, two companies are handling the worldwide operations of the Group—AL TAYEB COLD STORES and Y INTERNATIONAL. Well-known for facilitating exclusive imports of many leading brands, AL TAYEB COLD STORES distributes frozen meat, poultry, vegetables, and dairy products, such as Doux, Frangosul, Dat Schaub, Tyson, and Heinz Watties. This division has an excellent infrastructure set-up for extensive cold storage facilities across the region.

Y-INTERNATIONAL works on collaborative relationships with brands and specialises in both import and export of consumer goods for the retail businesses of LuLu Group across the Middle East and India. Besides quality sourcing and distribution, it handles the repackaging of products for the requirements of each country.

Al Tayeb Distribution


Al Tayeb Distribution bridges gaps and disrupts the sourcing and supply chain in the food and non-food industries. It facilitates the trade of a wide range of leading FMCG products and brands such as Doux, Frangosul, Heinz Watties, DAT-Schaub, A’saffa, Amul, Double Horse, GRB, RG, SIAFA, Lal Qilla, Taj Mahal etc.

Anchored with state-of-the-art logistics infrastructure, including modern cold storage facilities, ambient temperature-controlled warehouses and a wide fleet of GPS-enabled vehicles, the operations of the company are designed to help clients reach their maximum business potential.

Added to that, Al Tayebs’ deep knowledge of different markets and full expertise in logistics management for perishable products enables it to provide top-quality services and to cater to all segments of businesses such as, Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Wholesale, Exports and Food Service Sectors (HORECA).