Manufacturing & Processing

LuLu Group International is one of the region’s main providers of food and consumer goods. It is committed to ensure timely and adequate availability of quality products on the retail front. This commitment has led to the foundation of two of the largest food processing facilities in India founded by FAIR EXPORTS with its manufacturing plants located in Uttar Pradesh and Mumbai.

Production of meat is its core business with a reserved focus on rendering high quality results. From the procurement of healthy animals to final packaging, the meat is processed, at all stages, in the most hygienic way and according to the Islamic rituals (Halal). In addition to meat, Fair Exports is engaged in exporting spices, fresh fruits and vegetables, and garments.

Over the years, Fair Exports has gained notable recognitions from various government bodies in India, along with international certificates from Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point and International Organization for Standardization.

To further continue innovating new offerings for its market base, LuLu Group has launched its own labeled items, primarily, LuLu label and other homegrown brands. Over 5,000 products have been introduced, concentrating on frozen food and later on creating a non-food collection. From local staples to being globally renowned brands, these products certainly adhere to strict quality guidelines.