Real Estate

After having mastered the pace and development of shopping centres, LuLu Group International (LuLu Group) has explored a flagship project on residential and commercial properties with Y TOWER and Y VILLAS. These two real estate groups have proven to become successful over the years with its fast development and growing communities.

Strategically located at premium spots in Abu Dhabi, Y TOWER presents wonderfully designed residence-cum-office apartments for luxurious living and exclusive business amenities. It owns seven properties named after its own in the following areas—Al Reem 1 & 2, Al Mina, ADNEC, Annex, Al Muroor, and Al Dhafra. Each tower features a paradigm of modern architecture, which is full of stylish apartment units and sophisticated spaces for business.

Y Tower is where luxury meets style and function. Situated at the commercial heart of Abu Dhabi next to Al Mamoura Building, the Office Block at the biggest and famed Y Tower is an ideal setting for business with easier access to both the Abu Dhabi International Airport and route to Dubai. The high-rise tower prides itself with its 12-floor complex feature, covering a total area of 98,000 square feet. Besides the exquisitely designed two-to-four-bedroom apartments, the Y Tower management commits to its residents a vibrant community hub that houses beautiful spaces for leisure, entertainment, and dining.

Y VILLAS is LuLu Group’s first large-scale leisure estate and mixed-used development in premium communities located at the outskirts of Abu Dhabi—Saadiyat and Al Ghadeer. Well-known for its ultra-modern communities and luxurious beach villas, Saadiyat is the perfect home for Y Villas’ residential development that provides urban convenience in a natural landscape. Y Villas at Al Ghadeer, on the other hand, is a beautiful residential community in a suburban setting nestled in the boundary of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, where quality homes give rise to peaceful living.

Indeed, with the combination of creativity, innovation, and originality, Y Tower proves to be the first choice in business and the key to dream living.